Miss Gelmart Competition, 1960s
LIVELY factory, perfecting the lace details
LIVELY factory, sewing the lace trim
New Design Lab collection for Lord & Taylor
Current Gelmart Factory in China, sewing product for retail partners.
Room view of Gelmart Factory in China
Miss Gelmart Competition, 1968
Sewing lines in the Gelmart Factory in Philippines, 1980s
Gelmart factory entertainment, 1960s
Sewing trim at the Gelmart sample room in China
The LIVELY factory team
Nasser family visits the Philippines factory management team, 1960s
Aerial view of original Gelmart Factory in Philippines, 1960s.
Miss Gelmart is crowned, 1968
LIVELY factory, vibrant wheels of fabric
Current Gelmart China office, sketching patterns
Factory fun, 1960s
Enjoying the Miss Gelmart competition, 1960s
Philippine factory management dinner, 1960s
The Nasser family enjoying factory entertainment, 1960s
Current Gelmart Chinese office
Philippine festive dancing, 1960s
Opening remarks in Gelmart factory, 1960s
Sewing of lace trim of LIVELY bra
Signing factory paperwork, 1960s
Gelmart factory management dinner, 1960s
Gelmart factory meeting, 1960s
Cutting and sewing in current Gelmart China Factory
Overview shot of current Gelmart China Factory
Miss Gelmart competition, 1968
Current Gelmart China office
LIVELY product details, trim and labels
C & C California, Spring 2017 Lookbook
Gelmart factory business, 1960s
Lively press quote, Fast Company 2016
Current LIVELY factory worker
Disruptive $3.98 bra program for Walmart
LIVELY factory, cutting fabric
LIVELY blogger content
Lively press quote, Forbes 2016
C & C California Spring 2017 collection